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13th Mar 2014
LoveLonghair3 (2)

#LoveLongHair Big Reveal

After a series of hair wash sessions, blind testing, careful reviewing & sharing my thoughts and pictures, I have finally reached the end of an exciting chapter.

10th Mar 2014
Love Long Hair Blind Test- Fashion Candy by Apoorvaa Singh

Love Long Hair | Final Review

I'm back with the Love Long Hair blind test challenge! By now, I've used this set of shampoo and conditioner a total of 5 times. Read on for my review.

06th Mar 2014
Apoorvaa Singh Fashion Candy Image

For the Love of Long Hair

When I unboxed a mystery hamper to find a haircare range inside, I was excited to find out more about the products & the brand, but I got to the first order of business, which was trying out the products. Here's my review

04th Mar 2014
Love Long Hair Range

Love Long Hair | Mystery Box In The Mail

A lovely box that reads "Love Long Hair" came in the mail. Now what could be more exciting than a blind product test! Click to find out more

24th Jan 2014
how to wear convertible multi wrap dress

How to wear a convertible dress | Bandra Fashion Bargain

The multi-style, multi-wrap convertible dress can multiply your options because it is mind-blowingly versatile. So wrap, drape and tie your way to create multiple designs. Have a look and be inspired!

23rd Jan 2014

Swimsuits under Rs 1000 | Pune Shopping Guide

It's never too early to plan for the swimsuit season. But shopping for swimwear is no child's play, especially for budget beach belles. Which is why we went ahead and did some research to help you find head-turning printed swimsuits in Pune

19th Jan 2014
multi finger ring shopping bandra

Multi Finger Rings for the Budget Fashionista

Multi-finger rings made for one of the biggest jewelry trends last year, and a trip to the local markets will tell you that the trend is here to say.

16th Jan 2014

Body Positivity | If beauty hurts, we’re not doing it right

Ask yourself: is it you who hates your body or other people telling you that you should? You might've blurred the lines.

17th Dec 2013

Understanding Skin Types & Cell Level Skin Care

In skincare, just as in every other thing, one size does not fit all. What I mean to say is that we all have different skin types, and we need...

05th Dec 2013
fashion candy cell renew contest winners by apoorva

Cell Renew Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone for sharing your skin care stories on the last post. As promised, I’m writing this post to announce the best comments. The winners of Cell Renew-Fight Skin...

29th Nov 2013
Fashion Candy Vivel Cell Renew Contest

Fight Skin Damage & Win Cell Renew Lotions

A lot of my pretty readers have been asking me about my skin care regime, and since it’s not often that I cover skin care on the blog, I thought...

26th Nov 2013

A Tale For The Time Being | Style Diaries

Hello everyone and sorry for the long hiatus! I’ve been pretty busy with some things, but I’m back, and I thought what better way to resume blogging than doing an...